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Elemental Logic is a diceless FTF campaign wherein we're aiming at a feel of Dumas and Shakespeare (--lite, cinematic versions; I have only so much hubris) with a touch of Amber. In practice, due to the powers system and the widespread use of sorcery, there's more than a bit of Dragaera there too.

  • GM Randal Trimmer
  • players
  • Karen Remick/Dante, catman duellist supreme
  • John Barnes/Orpheus, Fae sorcerer in exile, Alexis' brother
  • Mike Powell/Victor, Dragon on a mission
  • Noel Chandler/Alexis, Fae sorceress in exile, Orpheus' sister
  • Tom Yenchesky/Cassius, cousin to the Emperor, sorcerer and scholar

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