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Version 0.6.16 (28-Apr-2004)

This release provides some minor improvements:
  • The [+...+] markup now produces percentages without decimals, to avoid problems in locales that use ',' for a decimal point.
  • The mkgiddir() function is a bit more robust.

Version 0.6.15 (30-Mar-2004)

This release provides some minor improvements to trail markups.

It also changes the default value of $AuthRealmFmt to use a single realm for the entire site instead of the per-group realm in previous versions. To revert back to the old behavior, use
    $AuthRealmFmt = '$WikiTitle - $Group';

Version 0.6.14 (24-Mar-2004)

This version provides a minor bugfix to $WikiWordCountMax, and adds support for [XL Page]? files to automatically load i18n-specific setup scripts (e.g., for alternate charsets).

Version 0.6.13 (20-Mar-2004)

This version updates the mailposts.php script to provide better functionality. See PmWiki.Mail Posts for details.

Version 0.6.11, 0.6.12 (20-Mar-2004)

These releases fix a bug in the %class% wiki style.

Version 0.6.10 (18-Mar-2004)

This release makes some minor changes:

  • Fixes some bugs in the handling of --> (indent) and preformatted text markups.

  • Changes Pm Wiki's default DOCTYPE to be XHTML 1.0 Transitional instead of HTML 4.01 Transitional.

  • Adds the 'sit' and 'css' extensions to the set of allowed file uploads

  • Fixes a minor annoying in setting $Needle and $SearchGroup in search.php.

  • Changes $ScriptUrl to $PageUrl in the attributes form to work better on sites using mod_rewrite or aliasmatch code.

Version 0.6.8, 0.6.9 (3-Mar-2004)

This release cleans up a few documentation bugs and adds a few minor features.

  • The variable $EnablePostAuthorRequired can be set to 1 to require that a user fill in a non-blank author field before saving changes to a page. To support this, the edit form now includes an $EditMessageFmt field where messages can be displayed to the user.

  • The variables $DiffFunction and $PatchFunction can be used to specify alternate diff/patch functions for page history save/restore.

  • Added font-family, font-style, font-weight, text-decoration, and class to [Wiki Style]? declarations.

  • Added preliminary support so that $PageFileFmt can be used to place pages into subdirectories of wiki.d and wikilib.d.

  • Converted the page template code to be a callable function (LoadPageTemplate).

  • Other bug fixes and minor changes are listed in the Change Log.

Version 0.6.7 (26-Feb-2004)

  • This release fixes a (major) bug in the ?action=search routine that would always result in a blank page, introduced in 0.6.2.

  • Templates now can have a <!--/Page...Fmt--> directive to mark the end of a section. Any (HTML) text that does not occur in a section will always be output.

  • The main pmwiki.php now defines a 'PmWiki' constant that external scripts can use to insure they were called from pmwiki.php and not directly from the webserver.

Version 0.6.6 (26-Feb-2004)

  • Minor bugfix to authorization code not working with arrays of default passwords.

Version 0.6.3 through Version 0.6.5 (25-Feb-2004)

  • This version makes a slight modification to the template layout code; it now uses "<!--HeaderText-->" instead of "$HTMLHeaders" to mark script-defined headers in the <head>...</head> section of the HTML output. The position of <!--HeaderText--> determines where the $HTMLHeaderFmt array is added to the output. To help with upgrades and compatibility, this version of PmWiki automatically converts the string "$HTMLHeaders" in a template to be <!--HeaderText-->, but this behavior is deprecated and will likely be removed in a future version.

  • Added the variable $PageLogoFmt to the default skin and tlayout.php to define the HTML code that should be used for the logo at the top of the page, to allow user-customizable headers.

  • Moved the inclusions of 'PmWiki.Edit Quick Reference' into the definition of $PageEditFmt (previously it was included by $HandleEditFmt). This means that redefining $PageEditFmt removes the Edit Quick Reference unless it is explicitly included. To define an edit template that includes the quick reference, use
    $PageEditFmt = array('...your custom edit template...',

  • Performed a similar modification for PmWiki.Upload Quick Reference and $PageUploadFmt.

  • pub/css/local.css, pub/css/$Group.css, and pub/css/$Group.$Title_.css are now included in $HTMLHeaderFmt by default for output by <!--HeaderText-->. The list of automatically included css files can be controlled via the $PageCSSListFmt array.

  • This version adds the capability for a Wiki Administrator to customize the AsSpaced() function (used to space wiki words). Simply set $AsSpacedFunction to the name of your custom function for spacing wiki words (the default is 'AsSpaced').

  • Fixed a bug with search.php generating an extra <div>.

  • Added logic so that attempting to overwrite a page when the disk is full no longer loses the previous contents of the page.

Version 0.6.2 (23-Feb-2004)

  • This version cleans up some warning messages that appear in PHP 5.

  • This version also introduces [!--PageHeaderFmt--] syntax as an alternate for <!--PageHeaderFmt--> in templates.

Version 0.6.1 (22-Feb-2004)

  • With huge and humble apologies to those who installed 0.6.0, I'm retracting the layout scheme that was introduced in 0.6.0 and replacing it with a new template-file based scheme. The new scheme is much easier to work with and understand. See PmWiki.Layout Basics for the updated documentation, and look at the files in the pub/skins/pmwiki/ directory an example template. Note that this gets rid of the need to set numerous variables in config.php to create layouts.

    If you're using the 0.6.0 layout scheme and need to use it or assistance in converting to 0.6.1, email me at and I'll be glad to help.

  • Author names in the page history output now link to the corresponding profile page (if it exists).

  • Variable documentation has been greatly improved--variable names in the wiki text now link to the corresponding variable definition page. More documentation will be forthcoming.

Version 0.6.0

This is the 0.6.0 release. WikiAdministrators should carefully read the notes below before upgrading from 0.5.x to 0.6, as many substantial changes have been incorporated into this release. PmWiki:Upgrade6Notes contains notes from others who are currently undergoing 0.5.x to 0.6 upgrades.

Major changes from version 0.5.27

  • PmWiki 0.6 requires PHP version 4.1.0 or higher.

  • Site-wide configurations should now be stored in local/config.php. The 0.5 local.php and local/local.php files continue to work, but may be removed in a future release.

  • PmWiki's default page layout scheme has been changed substantially for 0.6. Sites can restore the old layout scheme by adding include_once("scripts/layout-0.5.php"); at the beginning of config.php.

  • The $ScriptDir variable no longer exists (unless the layout-0.5.php script above is loaded), and has been replaced somewhat by $PubDirUrl. Sites that need $ScriptDir defined can explicitly set its value in local/config.php.

  • A new directory (pub/) has been added for files that need to be accessed externally by browsers.

  • The $WikiImg and $WikiImgUrl variables no longer exist (unless the layout-0.5.php script above is loaded). $WikiImg is replaced by $PageLayoutFmt['wikilogo'], and $WikiImgUrl is replaced by $PageLogoUrl.

  • The characters |, `, and ^ are now excluded from URI paths by default.

  • Generation of <p></p> tags has been greatly optimized, and can be changed entirely through the $HTMLVSpace variable.

  • The new default stylesheet settings remove the browser-default margins around lists (<ul>, <ol>, <dl>) and preformatted text (<pre>).

  • PmWiki automatically generates <meta> tags to prevent robots from indexing edit pages, page history, etc., as well as the pages in the PmWiki Wiki Group.

  • The ISBN Inter Map entry has been changed to reflect a new URI structure at the target site.

  • Added a Cookbook: Inter Map link.

  • [=...=] links work more "naturally" around directives such as [[noheader]], [[nofooter]], etc.

  • By default, the Wiki Word "PmWiki" is only converted to a link the first time it appears (controlled by the setting of $WikiWordCount['PmWiki']).

  • The notify.php and printable-page.php scripts have been removed from the distribution. Notify.php will appear in the Cookbook, printable-page.php is now print.php.

New features in PmWiki 0.6

  • The default layout scheme has been significantly reworked to be more consistent with current web standards and to make it easier to use stylesheets and skins. It has built in support for sidebars and also makes it easier to switch from one layout skin to another. For more details, see Layout Basics.

  • PmWiki now has built-in support for tracking authorship of edits, and introduces a {{~name}} markup for referring to author profiles on the site. See PmWiki.Author Tracking.

  • PmWiki now has extensive support for internationalization (i18n), including accented characters in page titles and WikiWords. See PmWiki.Internationalizations.

  • A new markup sequence has been defined for creating breaks in text; placing '\\' at the end of a line generates a <br> HTML tag. Adding more \'s at the end of the line increases the number of <br>s. The historic [[<<]] markup is still available to generate <br clear='all'> tags.

  • A new markup sequence (->) has been defined for indented text. More hyphens produce larger indents.

  • Many HTML tags now include appropriate CSS selectors.

  • The page history (formerly "page revisions") feature has been substantially reworked. Page history output can now be fully internationalized, and includes options to hide minor edits and to display changes to the source markup instead of the rendered output. The output display is also largely controlled via stylesheets.

  • Inter Map links can now be parameterized so that the URI-text following the Inter Map name can appear in the middle of a URI instead of at the end. See PmWiki.Custom Inter Map.

  • Search results can now be embedded in any wiki page. Furthermore, the Wiki Administrator can use $SearchExcludePatterns to exclude certain pages (e.g., [Recent Changes]?) from appearing in the search results.

  • The display and rendering of WikiWords can be greatly controlled:

  • Wiki Group names can now be specified as part of Free Links, thus the markup {{PmWiki/free links}} refers to PmWiki.Free Links and displays as free links.

  • Printable view functionality is included by default. It can be customized via stylesheets and the $PrintSkin variable.

  • Setting $SpaceWikiWords=2 selects a different form of Wiki Word spacing.

  • Greatly improved the contents and structure of sample-config.php, and moved it to the base pmwiki directory.

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