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Most of Shadow was de-actualized -- not quite the same thing as destroyed -- when the Serpent of Chaos stuck Its nose into a major Jewel of Judgment operation Dworkin, Random and Corwin were working on.

Most of the family was missing for a time. Several have been recovered, some determined to be dead, some are still missing. Family members are working to re-create high priority shadows to the best of their ability.

Dworkin is alive and recovering from injuries presumably inflicted by the Serpent's attack.

Queen Vialle remains queen. She'd good at it and she's extremely popular with the people. Dworkin has confirmed that Random has become one with the Pattern and the cosmos, irrevocably so.

Julian is Warlord. He's working on reconstituting and commanding Amber's fleet.

Corwin was just recently found in a shadow Greyswandir, his sword, had whisked him off to during the mix-up with the Serpent. There he helped end one of the last threats that Greyswandir and the other Great Weapons had been made to seek out and destroy. Archimedes and Samantha helped too and helped Corwin regain his memory. Corwin was already in a funk due to some recent personal disasters; upon learning that Deirdre was missing and quite possibly dead he wandered off into Shadow (making it as he went) in a bleak mood. Unable to find the true Deirdre in shadow, he has returned to help the family and has finally spent some time getting to know his youngest daughter, Queen Melisandre.

Deirdre is still missing, possibly dead.

Fiona is dead. She was devoured by the Serpent and suffering a living hell. Dworkin, unable to rescue her, killed her as an act of mercy.

Bleys is alive, hale and seemingly in Avernus but appears to be hostile and seems to have holes in his memory.

Brand is alive, seems to be sane and is keeping his distance from Amber. He lives with his wife Jasra, whom he recently re-embodied after her stint as a spirit in the Fount of Power, and his teenaged son Rinaldo. He is making wary attempts to establish a friendly relationship with his older (but long neglected) son Archimedes.

Llewella was recovered from another stasis bubble along with 11 Rebmans; she was near death from starvation and power drain but is recovering nicely.

Gerard was the first of the missing relatives recovered from a stasis bubble.

Caine and his son Andre are suspected of sharing Delwin and Thera's former state: brains in life support spheres.

Florimel is Amber's Trump Master, having had that ability outed by Benedict some time ago. She has nearly finished regenerating her left foot.

Delwin was rescued from a sad existance as a brain in a life support sphere in a Chaos Lord's fortress. He's now whole due to some nifty tricks by both Dworkin (done to please Vialle) and Brand (done as a gesture of good will, and to secure family help for the Jasra project) but will be some time hard-wiring his physical Warfare skills back to his old norm.

Merlin has chosen Amber over his father's succession of fiascos. He was outlawed in Chaos years ago for siding with Corwin and his Amber relatives.

Martin was recovered from a Trump-resistant cell in the Ways of Barimen, in the Courts of Chaos.

Thera is Julian's daughter. She was a brain in a jar, like Delwin, for a couple of months before being rescued. She too was re-embodied by Dworkin and Brand. She is currently the Warden of Arden, which she and Julian are recreating.

Archimedes was a pirate and the intended tool in one of Brand's plots from when he was insane. Now he's a Prince of Amber. Werewindle, the Pattern sword formerly used (in theory) by Brand puts up with him from time to time.

Samantha is a daughter of Corwin from his years as an amnesiac on Shadow Earth. Eric learned of her and moved her to a weird near-earth of powerful magic, powerful technology and dragons. Whatever his plans for her were, he is dead now.

Mykal is Florimel's son from a shadow called Naipon. He was raised as a samurai but has gotten over most of the obedience crap. He's a cutting edge Trump Artist who has surpassed Flora and maybe even Brand in skill, but not in power.

Jade was recovered by her mother and Melisandre. She is raving mad and being cared for in a rubber room in Vraminways. Vramin, her father, is currently in a Trump resistant location.

Queen Melissandre of Rebma is the daughter of Queen Moire (deceased) and Corwin of Amber. She's 19 and in way over her head.

Attempts to locate Tyler failed.

Dead: Oberon, Eric, Benedict, Osric, Finndo, Fiona Missing in the disaster: Deirdre, Caine, Tyler, Andre. Missing before the disaster: Sand, Mirelle.

The Courts of Chaos were in the middle of a succession crisis due to the results of Benedict's death curse upon King Swayvill and his court. (The one word curse, "Justice", was unusually powerful as Benedict was half-attuned to the Jewel of Judgment and holding it when he pronounced it and died.)

Prior to the disaster the Amberites had friendly relations with House Sawall and Brand had a working relationship with the Imperial Archivists. That was before the Serpent fought an old enemy in and around the royal palace of Thelbane during the gathering of Swayvill's heirs.

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